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ZurC is a brand name for Philippine made scale model hobby paints

ZurC Paints is our locally branded scale model hobby paint to compete with the mainstream highly regarded supplies from Tamiya, GSI Creos, and Vallejo. ZurC Paints not only easily procured but is also more affordable for me since they are locally made here in Philippines. Mr. Jose Ryan Cruz who is also a gunpla hobbyist himself founded ZurC Paints.

Currently ZurC Paints have many redistributors; local hobby stores that also has online web shops. ZurC Paints currently do not have their own official website, their online presence only ever resides on their facebook page. I think this brand needs to own its own website and build professional online identity so to attract hobbyists outside the Philippines, though I am not sure if they are already importing overseas.

As of now they have produced lots of varieties of colors and paint types that are available.

One highlight product they have is the 2K line which is Hobby Grade level:

ZurC 2K paint is primarily formulated for AirBrush Painting with advanced urethane type that provides a wide variety of benefits:

  • available in flat,smooth and fine finish
  • fast dry
  • wide variety of colors to choose
  • can be used in any type of weather conditions (sunny, cloudy even rainy condition)
  • can be used in any type of plamo materials like abs, pp, pc and resin kits. even on metal surface
  • can be stripped easily using break fluid (dot 3)
  • do not crack or peel
  • professional finish / results
  • can be used in any kind of model kits/ toys / action figures / resin figures
  • better than any acrylic, lacquer or enamel hobby paints in the market

They also have Enamel and Water Based paints, which can be used for hand painting purposes on some extent.

My ZurC paints

I have accumulated more than twice a dozen of these paints

I feel like am not yet qualified to do a comparison or complete review of the ZurC products since I am pretty much still a newbie in the airbrush modelling department, but based on ZurC’s facebook page there are positive reviews from many happy users.

On my own observation upon my brief use, I could really say that the paint does dries really fast.

Overall I am happy that such cheap but quality paint line for my hobby exists and vastly available from where I am.

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