Assorted People Figures 1:150 Scale

A massive amount of cheap complementary assorted people human figure extras for diorama scenes.

Assorted People Figures for N-Scale diorama scenes.

A massive amount of complementary assorted people human figure extras for dioramas. The quality is a bit poor and needs a little bit of cleaning and paint job to be even presentable as background extras for any diorama scenes.

Our manufacturers from China produces these quick cheap extra supplies for dioramas. From where I am it is fairly easy to obtain these from online shops nowadays. Still being shipped overseas from China which usually takes about 5-8 days to arrive though.

I got two packs each containing 100 pieces of randomly picked individual figure units.

If you are planning to create town size dioramas then you will surely never run out of spaces to deploy these pieces. I suppose they will be perfect when placed on areas inside building interiors where they can be seen through windows and doors.

Disregarding the color variants I found 15 unique figures of various sizes and gender. There are mostly standing poses, and at least five sitting ones.

I was expecting that some of these figures will be broken or suffering from missing limbs, but to my surprise none have such a case. Only the casting is not perfect as there are some excess plastic all around them that needs to be cleaned.

Unfortunately, the figures are not particularly detailed nor painted well.

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