Devil Gundam

I recommend the wiki page at for a vast in-depth information about the mobile suit Devil Gundam. click the gundam wiki logo image on the right to take you there.

Unlike most other Gundams in the Future Century, the Devil Gundam was a gigantic machine with a variable frame that allowed it to adapt to situations; it even developed sentience through this ability. Despite its power, the Devil Gundam required a lifeform to operate as its core, with the user connected via organic wires instead of the Mobile Trace System. It operated at its strongest with a female as its core life unit, as they were able to create new lives. No matter its form, the Devil Gundam usually retained a "main" head resembling a giant black Gundam head, out of which protruded a smaller Mobile Fighter torso with bulky red-and-orange armor.

Developed From

Gunpla Model Kits

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