ABS Unit W Joint by Kotobukiya

ABS type joint replacements for your mechs

ABS Joint replacement alternatives for your mechs

Solid joints replacement can be achieved by using this W Joint by Kotobukiya. These are made with Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene which is a very strong and heat resistant kind of plastic (think of Lego’s type of plastic). It is hard so the tension on the joints plastic rubbing each other can be felt, although I am quite confident it may take a long time before it does get loose. This modelling support kit can produce three pairs of different sized double jointed parts. The sizes of the shafts diameter are as follows; 3mm, 2mm, 1.5mm which all fits very well with the 1/144 scale gunpla except maybe the 3mm one because it looks fat or too broad to fit into some more slender model kits.

As for the looks, mine is the gray colored version (it also has a black colored version) and it has the shape of an elongated hexagon where side’s angles are a bit curvy, on frontal view though it seems that the joint part’s width is too broad or short in contrast to most gunpla joint parts which are somewhat slender which is the only one thing I didn’t liked about this, cause it may only look good on rather bulky mobile suit models.

HLJ often has this item in stock, so here is the link to that.

I prefer Polyethelene (the same plastic used as polycaps by Bandai) mostly when it comes to joints support parts, but this one isn’t a very bad alternative since you can get like 6 joint units (variants of 3 sizes) per one package of the product. I can expect myself to resupply this as it is a really useful double jointed unit parts.

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